Project information

  • Record label: Chocolate city
  • Client:Young Jonn
  • Projects:Album:Love Is Not Enough(Voume1&2)
  • Instagram: Young Jonn

Young Jonn

Young Jonn, also known as Jonathan David, is a Nigerian music producer and songwriter. He gained prominence in the music industry for his exceptional production skills and unique sound. Young Jonn has collaborated with several renowned artists in the Nigerian music scene and has contributed to the success of numerous hit songs. Known for his energetic beats and infectious melodies, Young Jonn has crafted a distinct style that blends various genres, including Afrobeat, Afropop, and dancehall. His production credits span across a wide range of artists and genres, making him a versatile and sought-after producer in the Nigerian music industry. With his catchy hooks, vibrant instrumentals, and knack for creating infectious rhythms, Young Jonn has made a significant impact on the Nigerian music landscape. His contributions to the music industry continue to shape and redefine the sound of contemporary Nigerian music.